"Schatten" - Video for Maigo Kono Shinjo

Created by: DocRobsNervousFlow, Daniel "Doktor Dan" Haller, Florian "Flow" Knoll, Robert "Rob" Wunsch, Fabian "Nervous" Zenker

Actors: Friedman Nawroth (Neighbour), Frank Sollman (him), Miriam Schwallberger (her)

Video editing: Fabian "Nervous" Zenker

Release date: 10/2006

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Project with Klangstabil

Live performance on the track "A difference that's for all to see" on the album "Taking Nothing Seriously" by Klangstabil

Release date: 05/2004

Limited to 1200 CDs and 300 LPs - sold out

Schmerzverstärker - Kontrollverlust

Tsuba cover Schmerzverstärker side
  1. Maigo Kono Shinjo
  2. Kamikaze
  3. Kuru
  4. Akushitsu


Tsuba cover Klangstabil side
  1. Push yourself

Release date: 02/2003

Limited to 275 singles, white vinyl and sticker - sold out

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